Early antecedents of error theory

  title={Early antecedents of error theory},
  author={N. L. Rabinovitch},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
Galileo is the originator not only of the new mechanics which underlay the scientific revolution, but also of so much else in science that it was long the fashion that on discovering Galilean roots for various theories one would look no further on the assumption that there was a complete break between medieval science and what came afterward. Since Duhem, more recent scholarship has tended to correct this one-sided view and has sought to explore the medieval background to Galileo's work and a… Expand
History of Statistics: an Aspect of the Situation
I dicuss the current literature on the subject, reprint its reviews written by me (almost all of them already published) and accuse a contemporary statistician (Stigler) of slandering Gauss. A GermanExpand
Stochastic thinking in the Bible and the Talmud
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The treatment of observations in early astronomy
Il est certain que l'application de la theorie des erreurs etait repandue dans les arpentages antiques, mais quelle fut son influence sur le traitement des observations des anciens astronomes?
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