Early and late fistula failure.

  title={Early and late fistula failure.},
  author={Caroline Rodriguez Mercado and Laila Hady Salman and Gururaj Krishnamurthy and Kyong Bin Choi and Shukhrat Artikov and Isabelle Thomas and Donna Z. Merrill and Arif Asif},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={69 2},
While an arteriovenous fistula is the best available form of hemodialysis access, a significant number of fistulae never mature to support dialysis (early failure) or fail after successful use (late failure). Venous stenosis and the presence of accessory veins are the two main causes of early failure. Recent data have demonstrated that a great majority of such AVFs can be successfully salvaged by percutaneous interventions and become available for dialysis. In addition to early failure, a great… CONTINUE READING