Early and comprehensive management of atrial fibrillation: proceedings from the 2nd AFNET/EHRA consensus conference on atrial fibrillation entitled 'research perspectives in atrial fibrillation'.


Paulus Kirchhof1*, Jeroen Bax2, Carina Blomstrom-Lundquist3, Hugh Calkins4, A. John Camm5, Ricardo Cappato6, Francisco Cosio7, Harry Crijns8, Hans-Christian Diener9, Andreas Goette10, Carsten W. Israel11, Karl-Heinz Kuck12, Gregory Y.H. Lip13, Stanley Nattel14, Richard L. Page15, Ursula Ravens16, Ulrich Schotten8, Gerhard Steinbeck17, Panos Vardas18, Albert… (More)
DOI: 10.1093/europace/eup124

11 Figures and Tables


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