Early allelic selection in maize as revealed by ancient DNA.

  title={Early allelic selection in maize as revealed by ancient DNA.},
  author={Viviane Jaenicke-Despr{\'e}s and Ed Buckler and Bruce D. Smith and Marcus Thomas Pius Gilbert and Alan Cooper and John Doebley and Svante P{\"a}{\"a}bo},
  volume={302 5648},
Maize was domesticated from teosinte, a wild grass, by approximately 6300 years ago in Mexico. After initial domestication, early farmers continued to select for advantageous morphological and biochemical traits in this important crop. However, the timing and sequence of character selection are, thus far, known only for morphological features discernible in corn cobs. We have analyzed three genes involved in the control of plant architecture, storage protein synthesis, and starch production… CONTINUE READING

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