Early Universe models from Noncommutative Geometry

  title={Early Universe models from Noncommutative Geometry},
  author={Matilde Marcolli and Elena Pierpaoli},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We investigate cosmological predictions on the early universe based on the noncommutative geometry models of gravity coupled to matter. Using the renormalization group analysis for the Standard Model with right handed neutrinos and Majorana mass terms, which is the particle physics content of the most recent noncommutative geometry models, we analyze the behavior of the coefficients of the gravitational and cosmological terms in the Lagrangian derived from the asymptotic expansion of the… 


This is an overview of new and ongoing research developments aimed at constructing cosmological models based on noncommutative geometry, via the spectral action functional, thought of as a modified

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Noncommutative spectral geometry offers a purely geometric explanation for the standard model of strong and electroweak interactions, including a geometric explanation for the origin of the Higgs

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