Early Tuber Development from Explanted Stolon Nodes of Solanum tuberosum var. Kennebec

  title={Early Tuber Development from Explanted Stolon Nodes of Solanum tuberosum var. Kennebec},
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Tubers are initiated within 4 days when cultured stolon pieces with axillary buds are grown on medium with high (12%) sucrose levels. A comparison of several stages of tuber ontogeny with the initial explant showed that enlargement of cortical and pith cells accounts for the initial radial expansion of tubers. Later, phellogen activity and limited vascular cambium activity also increase tuber diameter. Although divisions occur in both the hypodermis and epidermis early in tuber growth, the… 
In vitro mass tuberization and virus-free seed-potato production in Taiwan
This is the first report ofin vitro tuberization becoming feasible for agriculture in seed-potato production. The optimum condition forin vitro mass tuberization of virus-free potatoes were: 10 mg/1
Immunocytological Analysis of Potato Tuber Periderm and Changes in Pectin and Extensin Epitopes Associated with Periderm Maturation
Immunolabeling studies identify pectin and extensin depositions as likely biochemical processes involved in the thickening and related strengthening of phellogen walls upon inactivation of the phelloderm layer as a lateral meristem and maturation of the periderm in potato tuber.
Potato tuber anatomy and susceptibility to common scab (Streptomyces scabiei)
This project investigated links between tuber structural attributes and susceptibility to infection, an area of study under-represented in the literature and offering potential to deliver new knowledge on common scab disease that may lead to improved approaches to disease management.
A potato skin SSH library yields new candidate genes for suberin biosynthesis and periderm formation
To isolate new candidate genes for potato periderm, a suppression subtractive hybridization library from potato skin was performed and the list contains Suberin and wax genes, including some genes with a demonstrated role in the biosynthesis of these cell wall aliphatic compounds.
Potato minitubers: Technology validation in Mexico
The effects of four previously reportedin vitro tuber-inducing modified culture media on the potato cultivars Atzimba and Juanita were studied under three illumination regimes, and the presence of cytokinins and light favored the tuberization process.
Observations on the structure and osmotic potentials of parenchyma associated with the internal phloem of potato tubers
The structure and osmotic potentials of parenchyma cells associated with internal phloem of growing, dormant, and sprouting potato tubers and companion cells were studied and were recognizable by differences in structural characteristics.
Changes in the microtubular cytoskeleton precede in vitro tuber formation in potato
The cytoskeletal changes preceded the visible swelling of the buds, observed after day 5, demonstrating that the reorientation of the microtubular cytoskeleton is one of the earliest steps observed so far in tuber formation in potatoes.
Potato Tuberization in Hydroponics
This study demonstrated that NFT hydroponics is a valuable system for the whole plant study of potato tuber initiation, with implications for potato crop management as manipulation of turgor may be used to influence tuber initiation.
The shear and compressive stiffnesses of different regions of potato parenchyma were measured to more fully characterize the mechanical properties of this important storage organ.


On the Anatomy of some Tubers
A Handbook of Plant Tissue Culture
IT is rare, even in these days of specialized studies, that circumstances permit an investigator to present a 'first book' on pioneer work in any subject. This opportunity has come to Dr. White, and
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The role of growth
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