Early SIV encephalopathy.

  title={Early SIV encephalopathy.},
  author={Bruno Hurtrel and Lisa Chakrabarti and M. Hurtrel and M A Maire and Dominique Dormont and Luc Montagnier},
  journal={Journal of medical primatology},
  volume={20 4},
SIV encephalopathy was studied in rhesus macaques early after intracerebral (IC) or intravenous (IV) inoculation. Although SIV was detected in the brain of all IC-inoculated animals, the CNS showed moderate neuropathological changes. IV-inoculated animals presented a spectrum of brain changes ranging from perivascular infiltrates to multinucleated giant cells. CNS infection was detected as early as seven days post-IV-inoculation, mostly in a perivascular localization. Using combined… CONTINUE READING
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