Early Predictions of Movie Success: The Who, What, and When of Profitability

  title={Early Predictions of Movie Success: The Who, What, and When of Profitability},
  author={Michael T. Lash and Kang Zhao},
  journal={Journal of Management Information Systems},
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AbstractWe focus on predicting the profitability of a movie to support movie-investment decisions at early stages of film production. [] Key Result This research highlights the power of predictive and prescriptive data analytics in information systems to aid business decisions.

Movie success prediction using data mining

A mathematical model to predict the success and failure of the upcoming movies based on several attributes, including budget, actors, director, producer, set locations, story writer, movie release day, competing movie releases at the same time, music, release location and target audience is developed.

Movie Success Prediction using Historical and Current Data Mining

Researchers proposed a model where they consider several factors, each factor is assigned by a weight and success/failure of the upcoming movies is predicted based on the factor’s value.

Prediction Models for Box Office Revenue before Theatrical Release of Movies

The model provides great insights for the investors to identify the key fundamentals that are influential in the success of the movie from initial pre-production stages to the release of the film covering all the major aspects for marketing and promotions.

Predicting movie revenue before committing significant investments

ABSTRACT A movie originates at the development stage when investors evaluate multiple scripts, attach key cast and crew, and shape the budget. Investors prefer to consider various scenarios before

Movie Success Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms and their Comparison

  • Rijul DhirA. Raj
  • Computer Science
    2018 First International Conference on Secure Cyber Computing and Communication (ICSCCC)
  • 2018
This research proposes a way to predict how successful a movie will be prior to its arrival at the box office instead of listening to critics and others on whether a film will be successful or not.

A machine learning approach to predict movie box-office success

A decision support system for movie investment sector using machine learning techniques that predicts an approximate success rate of a movie based on its profitability by analyzing historical data from different sources like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office Mojo and Metacritic.

Presenting a Larger Up-to-date Movie Dataset and Investigating the Effects of Pre-released Attributes on Gross Revenue

An up-to-date, richer, and larger dataset that is prepared by scraping IMDb, and a novel approach for calculating the star power of a movie, which finds that having a star cast/director has a positive impact on generated revenue.

A Comparative Study of Hollywood Movie Successfulness Prediction Model

Comparison of classification algorithms performance for predicting the successfulness of Hollywood movies before they are being released suggests that Artificial Neural Network is a good model to assist producers, distributors and exhibitors assess risks.

Early Prediction of Movie Success Using Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation

An evolutionary approach, based on Genetic Algorithms (GA), is proposed for optimizing the outputs of the decision tree algorithm (C5) used for the prediction of movie success during the early stage of production, achieving a prediction accuracy of 90.5%.

A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques in Movie Revenue Prediction

The review analysis found out that US cinema attracted the highest number of publications, followed by the Chinese cinema, Korean cinema, and Indian cinema in that order, and regression, classification and clustering data mining approaches were used in the reviewed articles.



Early Prediction of Movie Success - What, Who, and When

This study built a predictive model for movie success, deviating from past studies by predicting profit (as opposed to revenue) at early stages of production ( as opposed to just prior to release) to increase investor certainty.

Early Prediction of Movie Box Office Success Based on Wikipedia Activity Big Data

It is shown that the popularity of a movie can be predicted much before its release by measuring and analyzing the activity level of editors and viewers of the corresponding entry to the movie in Wikipedia, the well-known online encyclopedia.

We Don’t Need Another Hero — Implications from Network Structure and Resource Commitment for Movie Performance

This study offers a new framework for organizing a motion picture in such a way that enhances its chances for box-office success. We combine and expand two strands of research for the moviemaking

Pre-release Box-Office Success Prediction for Motion Pictures

This paper proposes a novel approach to constructing and using a graph network between movies, thus alleviating the movie independence assumption that traditional learning algorithms make.

Prediction of movies box office performance using social media

In this study, we apply data mining tools to generate interesting patterns for predicting box office performance of movies using data collected from multiple social media and web sources including

The Power of Stars: Do Star Actors Drive the Success of Movies?

Is the involvement of stars critical to the success of motion pictures? Film studios, which regularly pay multimillion-dollar fees to stars, seem to be driven by that belief. This article sheds light

Modeling Movie Success When ‘Nobody Knows Anything’: Conditional Stable-Distribution Analysis Of Film Returns

In this paper we apply a recently-developed statistical model that explicitly accounts for the extreme uncertainty surrounding film returns. The conditional distribution of box-office returns is

MOVIEMOD: An Implementable Decision-Support System for Prerelease Market Evaluation of Motion Pictures

In spite of the high financial stakes involved in marketing new motion pictures, marketing science models have not been applied to the prerelease market evaluation of motion pictures. The motion

Uncertainty in the Movie Industry: Does Star Power Reduce the Terror of the Box Office?

Everyone knows that the movie business is risky. But how risky is it? Do strategies exist that reduce risk? We investigate these questions using a sample of over 2000 motion pictures. We discover

Predicting box-office success of motion pictures with neural networks