Early-Onset Endocrine Disruptor–Induced Prostatitis in the Rat

  title={Early-Onset Endocrine Disruptor–Induced Prostatitis in the Rat},
  author={Prue A. Cowin and Paul M.D. Foster and John Stuart Pedersen and Shelley L Hedwards and Stephen John McPherson and Gail P Risbridger},
  booktitle={Environmental health perspectives},
BACKGROUND Androgens are critical for specifying prostate development, with the fetal prostate sensitive to altered hormone levels and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that exhibit estrogenic or antiandrogenic properties. Prostatic inflammation (prostatitis) affects 9% of men of all ages, and > 90% of cases are of unknown etiology. OBJECTIVES In this… CONTINUE READING