Early Meetings of the Conference on Data Systems Languages

  title={Early Meetings of the Conference on Data Systems Languages},
  author={Mr. Charles A. Phillips},
  journal={Annals of the History of Computing},
The minutes of this crucial first meeting document the Committee was only to “explore a system-oriented creation of the Short-Range Committee and its factcomputer-independent language. ” The material printed finding mission, These minutes show clearly that there here is from the actual report, and we have not altered was neither directive nor clear guidance to create a any errors. The terms committee, task group, and new language. Even the Intermediate-Range task force are used interchangeably. 


Department of tive Committee which grew out of the May 28-29, 1959, the Air Force Conference on Development of a Common Business Language for Computer Programming
  • An interim meeting on Members E. J. Albertson, U. S. Steel June 4 of the Steering Committee (chaired
  • 1959