Early Jawless Vertebrates and Cyclostome Origins

  title={Early Jawless Vertebrates and Cyclostome Origins},
  author={P. Janvier},
  booktitle={Zoological science},
  • P. Janvier
  • Published in Zoological science 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Abstract Undoubted fossil lampreys are recorded since the Late Devonian (358 Ma), and probable fossil hagfishes since the Late Carboniferous (300 Ma), but molecular clock data suggest a much earlier divergence times for the two groups. In the early 20th century, hagfishes and lampreys were generally thought to have diverged much later from unknown ancestral cyclostomes, in turn derived through ‘degeneracy’ from some Paleozoic armored jawless vertebrates, or ‘ostracoderms.’ However, current… CONTINUE READING
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