Early Globalities, Global Literatures: Introducing a Special Issue on the Global Middle Ages

  title={Early Globalities, Global Literatures: Introducing a Special Issue on the Global Middle Ages},
  author={Geraldine Heng and Lynn T. Ramey},
  journal={Literature Compass},
“Early Globalities, Global Literatures” introduces a selection of global literatures from premodernity and critically discusses why the study of The Global Middle Ages serves contemporary culture and society. 
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Global Middle Ages: Eastern Wisdom (Buddhistic) Teachings in Medieval European Literature. With a Focus on Barlaam and Josaphat
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The Global World in the Pre-Modern Era: Lessons from the Past for Our Future With a Focus on the Early Modern Novel Fortunatus (1509)
  • A. Classen
  • History
  • Current Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 2020
There are many efforts underway today to investigate the true extent to which the notion of globalism already applied to the pre-modern world. This study reviews some of the major scholarlyExpand
Networking the March : the literature of the Welsh Marches, c.1180-c.1410
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The global middle ages: An experiment in collaborative humanities, or imagining the world, 500-1500 C.E.
n 2002–03, fresh in the aftermath of September 11, theWest seemed to find itself in an odd temporal wrinkle that materialized the specter of a neo-Middle Ages, evidence of a kind that the “medieval”Expand
Efflorescences and Economic Growth in World History: Rethinking the "Rise of the West" and the Industrial Revolution
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The Great Explanandum
ALFRED W. CROSBY'S The Measure of Reality: Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600 is a broad survey of measurement animated by captivating examples drawn from four centuries of mathematics,Expand
A Cycle of Economic Change in Imperial China: Coal and Iron in Northeast China, 750-1350
The phrases ttraditional Chinese economyt, ttraditional agrarian economyt, and tpre-modem Chinese economyt have been used to categorize the economic system of two millenia of Imperial ChineseExpand
A Revolution in the Chinese Iron and Coal Industries During the Northern Sung, 960–1126 A.D.
Two approaches have dominated the study of Chinese industrial history. Work of the kind Professor Joseph Needham has done in his Science and Civilization in China attempts to trace the history ofExpand