Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp

  title={Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp},
  author={S. Benet},
Despite the growing volume of literature on the subject of hemp, the historical routes of its diffusion remain obscure and there is scant reference to its ubiquitous role in folk ritual, magic and medicine among European peasantry. The term cannabis, itself, has been considered to be of Indo-European origin. The paper re-examines the origin of the term cannabis to demonstrate its derivation from Semitic languages. Both the word and its forms of use were borrowed by the nomadic Scythians from… Expand
Medical Cannabis: A plurimillennial history of an evergreen
Evidence of its use in numerous pathologic conditions especially for its anti‐inflammatory, antiseptic, and anticonvulsing properties that support the requirement to direct the present research efforts into the definitive understanding of its efficacy are reported. Expand
High Points: An Historical Geography of Cannabis*
Cannabis, including hemp and its psychoactive counterpart, has a long but largely overlooked historical geography. Situating the topic within varied perspectives such as world‐systems theory,Expand
Response to the Erroneous Critique of my Cannabis Monograph by R. C. Clarke and M.D. Merlin
I have been involved in debates in scientific journals concerning the classification of Cannabis sativa for almost a half century. Its variation pattern is by no means more complex than posed byExpand
The Religious and Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in China , India ' and Tibet
The earliest trace of cannabis use is an archaeological find of hemp textile in China dating from 4000 B.C. (Li & Lin 1974). Hemp thread and rope from 3000 B.C. have also been found inExpand
Cannabis sativa: A comprehensive ethnopharmacological review of a medicinal plant with a long history.
A deeper involvement of phytocannabinoids (the key compounds in C. sativa) in several others central and peripheral pathophysiological mechanisms such as food intake, inflammation, pain, colitis, sleep disorders, neurological and psychiatric illness is suggested. Expand
African Nazarites : a comparative religious ethnography of Rastafari and Ibandla lamaNazaretha
Two rapidly growing theological and cultural movements currently sparking global interest are Rastafari and Ibandla lamaNazaretha. Founded by the Zulu preacher Isaiah Shembe during the 1910s, IbandlaExpand
The Endocannabinoid System: A Potential Target for the Treatment of Various Diseases
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is primarily responsible for maintaining homeostasis, a balance in internal environment (temperature, mood, and immune system) and energy input and output in living,Expand
Cannabinoids As Therapeutic Agents
Cannabinoid-derived therapeutants: further studies in the search for non-addicting drugs to relieve pain and discomfort, in Abstracts of Papers, 186th Meet. Expand
Getting high with the most high: Entheogens in the Old Testament
This article collects evidence from psychopharmacology, scripture, and archeology to explore several preparations for consumption described in the Old Testament: Manna, Showbread, the Holy Ointment...
Development of antibacterial hemp hurd/poly(lactic acid) biocomposite for food packaging
Contemporary research in food packaging is being progressively focused on the development of biodegradable food packaging from biobased materials for exploring alternatives to traditional,Expand


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