Early Diagnosis of Neutropenic Enterocolitis by Ultrasound Sonography.

  title={Early Diagnosis of Neutropenic Enterocolitis by Ultrasound Sonography.},
  author={Edoardo Benedetti and Federico Simonetti and Francesco Caracciolo and Federico Papineschi and Benedetto Bruno and M. Pelosini and Daniele Focosi and Sara Galimberti and Mario Petrini},
Abstract 4742 Introduction Neutropenic enterocolitis (NEC) is a life threatening complication of chemotherapy in leukemic and solid tumor patients with an incidence ranging from 2.6% to 33%. It is a necrotizing inflammatory disease that most commonly involves the ileo-cecal region. The cecum is almost invariably affected likely due to its distensibility and limited blood supply. Macroscopically the involved bowel segments show oedematous and thickened walls, with varying degrees of ulceration… CONTINUE READING

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