Early Days of the Maritime Fur-Trade on the Northwest Coast

  title={Early Days of the Maritime Fur-Trade on the Northwest Coast},
  author={F. W. Howay},
  journal={The Canadian Historical Review},
  pages={26 - 44}
  • F. W. Howay
  • Geography
  • The Canadian Historical Review
  • T is commonly stated that on his third and last voyage Captain James Cook, the great navigator, discovered Nootka Sound, on the northwest coast of America. Though we now know as a fact that Juan Perez, the Spaniard, had preceded him by almost four years, yet Cook's discovery was officially published to the world soon after the return of his vessels, • and when, about sixteen years later, the Spanish government gave out the first brief account of Perez's voyage s it was too late to disturb the… CONTINUE READING
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