Early Collectors of Japanese Prints and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  title={Early Collectors of Japanese Prints and the Metropolitan Museum of Art},
  author={Julia Meech-Pekarik},
  journal={Metropolitan Museum Journal},
  pages={93 - 118}
Cassilly, a New Yorker with an interest in Oriental art, donated two albums (JP205, 2o6), and the subsequent rapid growth of this collection is closely tied to a handful of diverse personalities centered in New York City. By 1949, the year of the purchase of the Louis V. Ledoux collection, all but a few hundred of the present 3,600 prints had been accessioned. New York was not the only center of Japanese print collecting in America (Boston and Chicago were in the forefront), and the… 

Nishiki-e and Kumi-uta: Innovations in Edo Popular Prints and Music in Suzuki Harunobu's Descending Geese of the Koto Bridges (Kotoji no rakugan)

In late eighteenth-century Edo there was a tradition of popularising elite culture. Two artistic forms that were changed by this desire to innovate were theukiyo-eprint and music for

The Power of Double Coding to Represent New Forms of Representation: The Truman Show, Dorian Gray, "Blow-Up," and Whistler's Caprice in Purple and Gold

Doubly coded artworks—artworks that are embedded in other artworks—sometimes represent an art form (a medium, a genre) that at the time they are made cannot be represented except through double

Natural and synthetic arsenic sulfide pigments in Japanese woodblock prints of the late Edo period

We recently described the use of an artificial arsenic sulfide pigment in Japanese woodblock prints from the Meiji period (1868–1912): we now expand on our previous work by investigating arsenic

Explaining Ukiyo-e



Portrait of Francis Lathrop (1849-1909), 1884. Oil on canvas

    Ichigeisai Yoshitomi ( active ca . 1850 - 73 ) , An Ameri - canDrawnfrom Life , 1861

    • Ledoux , An Essay on Japanese Prints

    Phillips ( died 1939 ) . The Metropolitan Museum of Art , Archives 32 . Eishi ( 1756 - 1829 ) , Ono no Komachi from the series An Elegant Parody of the Six Immortal Poets

    • 1947

    Ledoux , " Pathfinding in Paradise : The Poems on Japanese Prints

      a gift to the Museum in 1914 by the artist's sister in his memory

        at Awa , from the series Snow , Moon , and Flowers , 1857 , right - hand panel of triptych