Early Christian Creeds

  title={Early Christian Creeds},
  author={John Norman Davidson Kelly},
Christological Reflections: A Biblical Perspective
  • P. L. Oduor
  • Philosophy
    East African Journal of Traditions, Culture and Religion
  • 2022
Scholarship on Christology plays a critical role in the formulation of theology because of the central role of the question of Christ in the task of doing Theology. Christology intertwines with other
We Believe: Group Belief and the Liturgical use of Creeds
The recitation of creeds in corporate worship is widespread in the Christian tradition. Intuitively, the use of creeds captures the belief not only of the individuals reciting it, but of the Church
Toward a Pentecostal Understanding of Communio Sanctorum: Reflections on Peter Kuzmič & Miroslav Volf ’s “Theology of the Church as a Fellowship of Persons” in the Context of the Pentecostal-Roman Catholic Dialogue
The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the Pentecostal understanding of the communion of saints by critically engaging with the ecclesiological vision of two world-class Pentecostal theologians
Philip Esler’s Concept of the Communion of Saints and its Significance for Christian Unity in Nigeria
. The concept of “Communion of Saints” as propounded by Philip Esler, emphasises that all Christians are one regardless of their denominations. The concept teaches that the living Christians on earth
The Symbol of Faith in Theology and in Preaching
The life of the Church from the very beginning is connected with searching for Her own identity which has its expression in the forming of the profession of faith. The testimonies of this fact can be
On Translating the Impersonal First-Person Plural
This paper draws attention to the translation of a subset of impersonal constructions that has been called the reference impersonal. A Bible translator will encounter reference impersonals in the
Arianism in English Nonconformity, 1700-1750
Abstract During the time of English Nonconformity, Arianism was not only embraced, but openly acknowledged by most of the Presbyterian ministers. That generation of ministers, who contended so
First Century Christian Diversity
In light of Ken Howard’s recent “religion singularity” phenomenon, this article attempts to ascertain the nature of Christian diversity during the last seventy years of the first century (roughly 30
The Rise of Monotheism in Arabia
If it were not for the endurance of Islam, it should be pointed out right away, scholars would hardly be trying as hard to reconstruct the history of Arabia, let alone of Arabian religions, in Late