Earlier age at menopause, work, and tobacco smoke exposure.

  title={Earlier age at menopause, work, and tobacco smoke exposure.},
  author={Lora Elderkin Fleming and Silvina Levis and William G. LeBlanc and Noella A. Dietz and Kristopher L E Arheart and James Dean Wilkinson and John David Clark and Berrin Serdar and Evelyn P. Davila and David J. Lee},
  volume={15 6},
OBJECTIVE Earlier age at menopause onset has been associated with increased all-cause, cardiovascular, and cancer mortality risks. The risk of earlier age at menopause associated with primary and secondary tobacco smoke exposure was assessed. DESIGN This was a cross-sectional study using a nationally representative sample of US women. A total of 7,596 women (representing an estimated 79 million US women) from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III were asked time since last… CONTINUE READING