Eager normal form bisimulation

  title={Eager normal form bisimulation},
  author={S\oren B. Lassen},
  journal={20th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS' 05)},
This paper describes two new bisimulation equivalences for the pure untyped call-by-value /spl lambda/-calculus, called enf bisimilarity and enf bisimilarity up to /spl eta/. They are based on eager reduction of terms to eager normal form (enf), analogously to co-inductive bisimulation characterizations of Levy-Longo tree equivalence and Bohm tree equivalence (up to /spl eta/). We argue that enf bisimilarity is the call-by-value analogue of Levy-Longo tree equivalence. Enf bisimilarity (up to… CONTINUE READING
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