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Each Wild Idea: Writing, Photography, History

  title={Each Wild Idea: Writing, Photography, History},
  author={Geoffrey Batchen},
In Each Wild Idea, Geoffrey Batchen explores a wide range of photographic subjects, from the timing of the medium's invention to the various implications of cyberculture. Along the way, he reflects on contemporary art photography, the role of the vernacular in photography's history, and the Australianness of Australian photography.The essays all focus on a consideration of specific photographs -- from a humble combination of baby photos and bronzed booties to a masterwork by Alfred Stieglitz… 

The remediation of the personal photograph and the politics of self-representation in digital storytelling

Over the past couple of decades, the cultural field formerly known as ‘domestic’, and later ‘personal’ photography has been remediated and transformed as part of the social web, with its convergence

The Authentic Amateur and the Democracy of Collecting Photographs

Abstract Since the late 1970s, amateur photographs have become increasingly popular within art, the academy, and journalism, featuring in works of art and exhibitions, historical studies, on

Visualizing "The Sound of Genius": Glenn Gould and The Culture of Celebrity in the 1950s

This essay examines the role of photography, film, and television in constructing Glenn Gould's identities as an artist and celebrity in the late 1950s. It combines close readings of visual texts

Portraiture, material culture and photography in the Cherokee Nation's "first family", 1843-1907

This thesis examines expressions of affluence and modernity in the context of nineteenth-century Indian Territory, with a particular focus on the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation. It does so through a

Being there: war, women and lantern slides

The construction of the wartime gaze in New Zealand during World War One was an exceptionally complex process. Technological advances, the surveillance needs of the military enterprise, the

Image Ethics in and about Africa

The thoughts to follow are inspired by a num ber of recent works in art history and visual culture, most of which concern parts of the world other than Africa. The excellent essays of Photography's

The rebelling orphan: adopting the found photograph

Abstract Every day thousands of family photographs get abandoned in second hand bookshops, at flea markets, and internet auctions, losing their past and having their stories erased. Conversely, the

Photography and its failure to represent

This PhD research project examines the agency of photography and the photographic image. The research develops insights into photography as one of the dominant image making, cultural practices in the

Banality, Memory and the Index: Thomas Demand and Hitler’s photographer

In “The Ontology of the Photographic Image”, André Bazin elucidates how photographic images enable the subject to elude death because by its very nature the image preserves the subject through the

Images of Equivalence: Exchange-Value in Andreas Gursky’s Photographs and Production Method

Abstract Contemporaneous with developments in information technology and digital photography, globalization has emerged as an economic, political and cultural process enmeshed with the spread of