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  author={Amanda Kolker and Pete Stelling and William B. Cumming and D. T. Rohrs},
Gas geochemistry from geothermal fumaroles on Akutan Island, Alaska, indicates that geothermal reservoir temperatures could approach 572 °F (300 °C), and probably consists of a brine liquid overlain by a small steam cap. Fluids produced by core holes show evidence of chemical re-equilibration to lower temperatures, with cation geothermometry providing a range from 392-464 °F (200-240 °C). Geochemistry of hot spring fluids shows evidence of equilibrating at still lower temperatures. These data… 

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xploration of the Hot Springs Bay Valley ( HSBV ) geothermal resource rea , Akutan , Alaska

The Hot Springs Bay Valley (HSBV) geothermal resource area on Akutan Island, Alaska, has been explored since 2009. Geological, geochemical, geophysical surveys and the drilling of two thermal

Akutan Geothermal Area Exploration Results and Pre-Drilling Resource Model

In August 2012, the City of Akutan completed an exploration program to further characterize the geothermal resource and to select drilling targets in the geothermal resource area on Akutan Island

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The initial conceptual model for the Hot Springs Bay Valley geothermal resource on Akutan Island, AK, has been revised in light of new data and interpretations. The 2012 conceptual model (Kolker et

D Geophysical Inversion Modelling of Gravity Data as a Subsurface Geothermal Exploration Tool With an Example From Akutan ( Alaska , USA )

Three dimensional geophysical modelling was performed using gravity data collected from the Hot Springs Bay Valley geothermal area on Akutan Island, Alaska. The aim of this effort was to assist an

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The 2013 update to the Geothermal Map of Alaska (GMAK) is described, including the methodology for heat flow calcula tion, contouring of the heat flow, and conclusions drawn from the expanded



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Ejecta from phreatomagmatic eruptions of Ruapehu and White Island andesite volcanoes in New Zealand provide insight into the mineralogical reactions that occur when magma invades a vent-hosted

Geological, geochemical, and geophysical survey of the geothermal resources at Hot Springs Bay Valley, Akutan Island, Alaska

An extensive survey was conducted of the geothermal resource potential of Hot Springs Bay Valley on Akutan Island. A topographic base map was constructed, geologic mapping, geophysical and

Historical unrest at large calderas of the world

This is a remarkable reference for researchers interested in volcanic hazards and silicic volcanism. Because of long repose and often obscure shapes and large size calderas are a volcanic type less


Two Excel spreadsheets released with this paper support many of the common graphical analyses of water and gas chemistry used to interpret hot spring, fumarole and well samples in geothermal

Geology of Akutan Island, Alaska

CALDERA WALL -Dotted where concealed. Hachures on caldera side. OLD CALDERA WALL -Dotted where concealed. Hachures on caldera side. ATTITUDE OF BEDDING AND FLOW LAYERING Inclined (measured) Inclined

Ground deformation associated with the March 1996 earthquake swarm at Akutan volcano, Alaska, revealed by satellite radar interferometry

In March 1996 an intense swarm of volcano-tectonic earthquakes (∼3000 felt by local residents, Mmax = 5.1, cumulative moment of 2.7×1018 N m) beneath Akutan Island in the Aleutian volcanic arc,

Mantle and Crustal Sources of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Noble gases in Cascade-Range and Aleutian-Arc Volcanic gases

Here we report anhydrous chemical (CO2, H2S, N2, H2, CH4, O2, Ar, He, Ne) and isotopic (He/He, Ar/Ar, δC of CO2, δC of CH4, δN) compositions of virtually airfree gas samples collected between 1994

Catalog of the historically active volcanoes of Alaska

Alaska hosts within its borders over 80 major volcanic centers that have erupted during Holocene time (<10,000 years). At least 29 of these volcanic centers (table 1) had historical eruptions and 12

Geothermal Exploration at Akutan, Alaska: Favorable Indications for a High-Enthalpy Hydrothermal Resource Near a Remote Market.

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Heating Up the Economy with Geothermal Energy: A MultiComponent Sustainable Development Project at Akutan, Alaska.

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