author={Pietro Colangelo and Fulvia de Fazio and Rossella Ferrandes},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
We review the status of recently observed positive parity charmed resonances, both in the non-strange and strange sectors. We describe the experimental findings, the main theoretical analyses and the open problems deserving further investigations. 

Newly Observed Charmed States: the Case of X(3872)

I briefly review the properties of the hidden charm meson X(3872), discussing some puzzling aspects concerning its theoretical interpretation.

A review of the open charm and open bottom systems

This work reviews the experimental and theoretical progress in this field and reports on the discovery of two narrow charm-strange states and more excited heavy hadrons reported in 2003.

Spectroscopy of D Mesons

The scenario of heavy quark meson spectroscopy underwent recently a major revolution, after the observation of BABAR and CLEO, confirmed by BELLE, of DsJ L=1 excited states, and by further evidences

New Spectroscopy of Heavy Mesons

I discuss the most recently discovered open charm mesons, both with and without strangeness. By exploiting the heavy quark limit, strong decay widths of such mesons are computed. Comparison between

Recent charm physics results from BABAR

In this proceeding, recent charm physics results from the BABAR experiment are discussed. The studies include a Dalitz plot and partial-wave analysis of the decay Ds → K+ K− π+, a recent measurement



The Charmed Strange Meson System

Motivated by the recent surprising discovery of two new meson states with quark content but unexpectedly low masses and narrow total decay widths, we work out, in a nonrelativistic potential-model

Charmonium at BES and CLEO-c

This paper gives a short summary of some of the aspects of charmonium which can be addressed at BES and CLEO-c and other $e^+e^-$ facilities. These topics include the spectroscopy of charmonium

Decay properties of new D-mesons

Abstract.We consider radiative and pionic decays of the new Ds-mesons in the framework of a phenomenologically motivated approach. Present data on ratios of the two kinds of decays can be described

B Decays to Charm States at BABAR

In this paper recent results in the field of B meson decays to states containing charm are presented. These analyses are based on the 1999-2003 dataset collected by the BABAR experiment at the PEP-II

The Ds(2317) and Ds(2463) Mesons as Scalar and Axial‐Vector Chiralons in the Covariant Level‐Classification Scheme

The new narrow mesons observed recently in the final states Ds+π0 and Ds*+π0 are pointed out to be naturally assigned as the ground‐state scalar and axial‐vector chiralons in the (cs) system, which

Heavy mesons in a relativistic model.

The authors use the spectator equations to treat the mesonic bound states of heavy quarks and estimate two of the parameters of the heavy quark effective theory, and propose further calculations that may be undertaken in the future.

Recent results from Belle

. New results on hadron physics from the Belle experiment are presented.