EWI-2 modulates lymphocyte integrin 4 1 functions

  title={EWI-2 modulates lymphocyte integrin 4 1 functions},
  author={Tatiana V. Kolesnikova and Christopher S. Stipp and Ravi M. Rao and William S. Lane and Francis W. Luscinskas and Martin E. Hemler},
The most prominent cell-surface integrin 4 1 partner, a 70-kDa protein, was isolated from MOLT-4 T leukemia cells, using anti– 4 1 integrin antibody-coated beads. By mass spectrometry, this protein was identified as EWI-2, a previously described cell-surface partner for tetraspanin proteins CD9 and CD81. Wildtype EWI-2 overexpression had no effect on MOLT-4 cell tethering and adhesion strengthening on the 4 1 ligand, vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1), in shear flow assays. However, EWI… CONTINUE READING
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