EV-TRACK: transparent reporting and centralizing knowledge in extracellular vesicle research

  title={EV-TRACK: transparent reporting and centralizing knowledge in extracellular vesicle research},
  author={J. Van Deun and P. Mestdagh and P. Agostinis and {\"O}zden Akay and S. Anand and Jasper Anckaert and Zoraida Andreu Martinez and T. Baetens and Els Beghein and Laurence Bertier and G. Berx and J. Boere and Stephanie Boukouris and Michel Bremer and Dominik Buschmann and James B Byrd and Clara Casert and L. Cheng and A. Cmoch and Delphine Daveloose and Eva De Smedt and Ş. Demirsoy and V. Depoorter and B. Dhondt and Tom A P Driedonks and A. Dudek and A. Elsharawy and I. Floris and Andrew D Foers and Kathrin G{\"a}rtner and Abhishek D. Garg and Edward Geeurickx and J. Gettemans and F. Ghazavi and B. Giebel and Tom Groot Kormelink and Grace Hancock and Hetty H Helsmoortel and Andrew F. Hill and V. Hyenne and Hina Kalra and David Kim and J. Kowal and S. Kraemer and P. Leidinger and Carina Leonelli and Y. Liang and Lien Lippens and Shu Liu and Alessandra Lo Cicero and S. Martin and Suresh Mathivanan and Prabhu Mathiyalagan and T{\'a}mas Matusek and Gloria Milani and M. Mongui{\'o}-Tortajada and Liselot M. Mus and Dillon C. Muth and A. N{\'e}meth and Esther N. M. Nolte‐’t Hoen and L. O'Driscoll and Roberta Palmulli and Michael W. Pfaffl and Bjarke Primdal-Bengtson and E. Romano and Q. Rousseau and Susmita Sahoo and Nat{\'a}lia G Sampaio and Monisha Samuel and Benjamin J Scicluna and B. Soen and Anneleen Steels and Johannes V. Swinnen and M. Takatalo and S. Thaminy and C. Th{\'e}ry and Joeri Tulkens and Isabel Van Audenhove and Susanne G. van der Grein and Alan Van Goethem and Martijn J van Herwijnen and G. van Niel and N. Van Roy and Alexander R. van Vliet and N. Vandamme and S. Vanhauwaert and Glenn Vergauwen and F. Verweij and A. Wallaert and M. Wauben and Kenneth W. Witwer and Marijke I Zonneveld and O. De Wever and J. Vandesompele and A. Hendrix},
  journal={Nature Methods},
  • J. Van Deun, P. Mestdagh, +92 authors A. Hendrix
  • Published 2017
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature Methods
  • We argue that the field of extracellular vesicle (EV) biology needs more transparent reporting to facilitate interpretation and replication of experiments. To achieve this, we describe EV-TRACK, a crowdsourcing knowledgebase (http://evtrack.org) that centralizes EV biology and methodology with the goal of stimulating authors, reviewers, editors and funders to put experimental guidelines into practice. 

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