EUSO@TurLab: An experimental replica of ISS orbits

  title={EUSO@TurLab: An experimental replica of ISS orbits},
  author={Mario Edoardo Bertaina and Anike N. Bowaire and Susana Celina Cambursano and Rossella Caruso and Giovanni Contino and Giorgio Cotto and Fabrizio Crivello and Renato Forza and Nunzio Guardone and Massimigliano Manfrin and Mara Mignone and R. Mulas and Gregorio Suino and Paola Tibaldi},
The EUSO@TurLab project is an on-going activity aimed to reproduce atmospheric and luminous conditions that JEM-EUSO will encounter on its orbits around the Earth. The use of the TurLab facility, part of the Department of Physics of the University of Torino, allows the simulation of different surface conditions in a very dark and rotating environment in order to test the response of JEM-EUSO's sensors and sensitivity. The experimental setup currently in operation has been used to check the… CONTINUE READING

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