EUSA Review Forum: The European Union in a Globalizing World Living in a Material World: A Critique of “Normative Power Europe”


of the European Parliament (Berthold Rittberger) and the new Citizens Direct Legislative Initiative (Carlos Closa Montero) as well as the overall impact of the Lisbon Treaty on Europarties (Luciano Bardi). Changes in executive-legislative relations deriving from the newly created leadership roles were discussed in a broad sense (Amie Kreppel) and with a focus on little visible, but important changes in the comitology system (Adrienne Héritier). Finally the discussion turned to broader policy areas, i.e. EU foreign policy making and its compoundedness (Sergio Fabbrini) and its implications for the Transatlantic relations (Erik Jones). The latest meeting of the Executive Committee of EUSA was hosted by the Robert Schuman Center of the European University Institute in Florence on April 16/17. Bravely facing the risk of potential travel disruptions due to volcanic ash, several members of the Executive Committee ventured across the Atlantic to discuss important EUSA business in Tuscany. At the top of the agenda were the preparations for the biennial EUSA conference to be held in Boston in March 2011. We defined the thematic sections and discussed possible program chairs for the panels of each section. As in past conferences the spectrum of themes to be covered will be very wide ranging from The Executive Committee also discussed other important issues such as the prizes to be awarded at the conference in Boston. It unanimously decided to award the lifetime award for research on the Euro-who-with his work on the European policy making process and the creation of an important venue for the publishing of articles on the European Union, the Journal of European Public Policy, has greatly contributed to the advancement of the research on the Euro-pean Union. The award conferral ceremony will take place at the EUSA conference in Boston next year. The session of the Executive Committee was followed by a very special event, a joint conference of EUSA and ECPR (European Consortium of Political Research), the first joint conference ever, hopefully marking the beginning of a long-term cooperation between EUSA and ECPR which will, for instance, take the form of having panels at the mutual large conferences. The joint conference focused on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty. The presentations by addressed matters regarding the strengthened leadership of the European Council (Wolfgang Wessel), the risk of institutional pathologies resulting from the institutional changes of overlapping new and old leadership roles (Dan Kelemen), then turned to aspects of …

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