EUROSOILS--a set of CRMs for comparability of soil-measurements.

  title={EUROSOILS--a set of CRMs for comparability of soil-measurements.},
  author={Bernd Manfred Gawlik and Andr{\'e}e Lamberty and Herbert Muntau and J. F. Pauwels},
  journal={Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry},
  volume={370 2-3},
An overview is given on the development, properties, and application of the European reference soil set--the EUROSOILS. The introduction of this new type of reference material has, for the first time, enabled comparison of data related to the interaction of chemical substances with the soil, and thus, improvement of soil quality. Because of their unforeseen success, a second generation of EUROSOILS had been produced and the range of application extended to other types of measurement related to… CONTINUE READING

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