ETV6 mutations in early immature human T cell leukemias

  title={ETV6 mutations in early immature human T cell leukemias},
  author={Pieter Van Vlierberghe and Alberto Ambesi-Impiombato and Arianne Perez-Garcia and J. Erika Haydu and Isaura Rigo and Michael Hadler and Valeria Tosello and Giusy Della Gatta and Elisabeth Paietta and Janis Racevskis and Peter H. Wiernik and Selina M. Luger and Jacob M. Rowe and Montserrat Ru{\'e} and Adolfo A. Ferrando},
  booktitle={The Journal of experimental medicine},
Early immature T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemias (T-ALLs) account for ~5-10% of pediatric T-ALLs and are associated with poor prognosis. However, the genetic defects that drive the biology of these tumors remain largely unknown. In this study, analysis of microarray gene expression signatures in adult T-ALL demonstrated a high prevalence of early immature leukemias and revealed a close relationship between these tumors and myeloid leukemias. Many adult immature T-ALLs harbored mutations in… CONTINUE READING