ETSI AMR-2 VAD: evaluation and ultra low-resource implementation

  title={ETSI AMR-2 VAD: evaluation and ultra low-resource implementation},
  author={Etienne Cornu and Hamid Sheikhzadeh and Robert L. Brennan and Hamid Reza Abutalebi and Edmund C. Y. Tam and Peter Iles and Kar Wai Wong},
The ETSI AMR-2 VAD is rigorously evaluated in clean and noisy conditions. The VAD is then simplified and optimized for porting to an ultra low-resource DSP system using a fast oversampled DFT filterbank. The parameters of the low-resource VAD are optimized using two speakers and 6 types of noise at SNRs from –10 to 20 dB. The VAD is then tested by employing sentences from two other speakers and 12 different types of noise. Results show that the low-resource VAD offers a performance comparable… CONTINUE READING