ESWL in situ or ureteroscopy for ureteric stones?

  title={ESWL in situ or ureteroscopy for ureteric stones?},
  author={John D Hofbauer and C. Tuerk and K. H{\"o}barth and R. Hasun and Michael J Marberger},
  journal={World Journal of Urology},
As documented by follow-up data on ureteric stones in 1259 ureteric units treated, ESWL in situ on advanced lithotriptors with stone location by ultrasonography and fluoroscopy was successful without any retrograde ureteric manipulation in 98% of stones in the upper, 71% in the iliac, and 84% in the distal ureter; 85% of the units were stone-free within 3 months: ancillary measures were needed in 11% and the stone-free state was reached after a median of 39 days. The results obtained with… CONTINUE READING