ESTWeb: bioinformatics services for EST sequencing projects

  title={ESTWeb: bioinformatics services for EST sequencing projects},
  author={Apu{\~a} C. M. Paquola and Milton Y. Nishyiama and Eduardo M. Reis and Aline Maria da Silva and Sergio Verjovski-Almeida},
  volume={19 12},
ESTWeb is an internet based software package designed for uniform data processing and storage for large-scale EST sequencing projects. The package provides for: (a) reception of sequencing chromatograms; (b) sequence processing such as base-calling, vector screening, comparison with public databases; (c) storage of data and analysis in a relational database, (d) generation of a graphical report of individual sequence quality; and (e) issuing of reports with statistics of productivity and… CONTINUE READING