ESR studies of K-doped C60

  title={ESR studies of K-doped C60},
  author={Mayumi Kosaka and Katsumi Tanigaki and Ichiro Hirosawa and Yuichi Shimakawa and Sadanori Kuroshima and Thomas W Ebbesen and J A Mizuki and Yoshimi Kubo},
Abstract Precise electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopic studies have been done for K x C 60 . Three ESR peaks corresponding to the three important crystal phases of K x C 60 (face-centered cubic K 3 C 60 , body-centered tetragonal K 4 C 60 , and body-centered cubic K 6 C 60 ) are reported. From the temperature dependencies of the ESR intensity for these three phases, it is confirmed that the superconducting K 3 C 60 phase is metallic, and that both of the non-superconducting K 4 C 60 and K… CONTINUE READING

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