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ESP and parapsychology: A critical reevaluation

  title={ESP and parapsychology: A critical reevaluation},
  author={C. E. M. Hansel},
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Coverage of Parapsychology in Introductory Psychology Textbooks

A sample of 64 introductory psychology textbooks published between 1980 and 1989 were reviewed for the amount and type of coverage of parapsychology. Approximately two thirds of the textbooks

Parapsychology: Science of the anomalous or search for the soul?

Although there has been over a century of formal empirical inquiry, parapsychologists have clearly failed to produce a single reliable demonstration of “paranormal,” or “psi,” phenomena. Although

Psychics and ESP: The Role of Population Stereotypes

While ostensibly investigating telepathically sent messages, the present experiment examined subjects' preferred responses, i.e. population stereotypes. Undergraduate students (N = 351) were asked a

Reflections on Paranormal Communication: A Zetetic's Perspective

BY A “ZETETIC PERSPECTIVE in the title of this paper, I essentially refer to a modernized version of the emphasis on neutral inquiry endorsed by the early Greek followers of the great skeptic Pyrrho

Replication and Meta-Analysis in Parapsychology

Parapsychology, the laboratory study of psychic phenomena, has had its history interwoven with that of statistics. Many of the controversies in parapsychology have focused on statistical issues, and

Psi experiments: Do the best parapsychological experiments justify the claims for psi?

The results of the scrutiny of the three most widely heralded programs of research — the remote viewing experiments, the psi ganzfeld research, and the work with random number generators — indicates that parapsychological research falls short of the professed standards of the field.

On the Assessment of Evidence of Psi

Leading parapsychologists have made selections of important parapsychological experiments. The resulting list of experiments can be used for the assessment of the evidence for psi. This approach can

From text to self : the interplay of criticism and response in the history of parapsychology

The thesis examines the history of criticism and response in scientific parapsychology by bringing together the tools of history, rhetoric of science, and discursive psychology to examine texts

Magic: A Theoretical Reassessment [and Comments and Replies]

Comparison of aspects of magical belief and practice with elements identified in experimental parapsychology suggests that some magical phenomena may have their basis in what parapsychology in call