ESMAS: Experiment system of Mirrored Aperture Synthesis

  title={ESMAS: Experiment system of Mirrored Aperture Synthesis},
  author={Qingxia Li and Ke Chen and Wei Guo and Haofeng Dou and Menglin Hu and Congcong Huang and Mingkui Zhu},
  journal={2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)},
Mirrored Aperture Synthesis (MAS) was proposed to improve spatial resolution with fewer antennas for passive microwave remote sensing. In this paper, an Experiment System of MAS (ESMAS) at 36.4GHz is introduced, which is designed for verifying the principle and performance of MAS. ESMAS is composed of an antenna array, four reflectors, a receiving channel array, a synchronous acquisition subsystem, a processor, and a rotatory platform. The initial experiment results are given.