ESCRT-III protein requirements for HIV-1 budding.

  title={ESCRT-III protein requirements for HIV-1 budding.},
  author={Eiji Morita and Virginie Sandrin and John M. McCullough and Angela M Katsuyama and Ira Baci Hamilton and Wesley I. Sundquist},
  journal={Cell host & microbe},
  volume={9 3},
Two early-acting components of the cellular ESCRT pathway, ESCRT-I and ALIX, participate directly in HIV-1 budding. The membrane fission activities of ESCRT-III subunits are also presumably required, but humans express 11 different CHMP/ESCRT-III proteins whose functional contributions are not yet clear. We therefore depleted cells of each of the different CHMP proteins and protein families and examined the effects on HIV-1 budding. Virus release was profoundly inhibited by codepletion of… CONTINUE READING

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