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  author={John G. Apostolopoulos},
Video compression enables a number of applications by reducing the required bit rate needed to represent a video sequence, however the compressed video is much more susceptible to errors, e.g. bit errors or packet loss. Conventional video compression standards employ an architecture which we refer to as single-state systems since they have a prediction loop with a single state (e.g. the previous decoded frame) which if lost or corrupted can lead to the loss or severe degradation of all… Expand
Error-resilient video compression through the use of multiple states
  • J. Apostolopoulos
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2000 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. No.00CH37101)
  • 2000
This work coding the video into multiple independently decodable streams, each with its own prediction process and state, such that if one stream is lost the other streams can still be used to produce usable video. Expand
Error-propagation reduction in a balanced multiple description video coder
This work deals with a sequence-based EC algorithm that performs the error-concealment by using the information coming from a certain number of frames in the future to minimize the effect of error propagation. Expand
Error-resilient video coding using multiple description motion compensation
A new approach for multiple description video coding employs a second-order predictor for motion-compensation, which predicts a current frame from two previously coded frames, which can be varied to achieve a wide range of tradeoffs between coding efficiency and error resilience. Expand
Reliable video communication over lossy packet networks using multiple state encoding and path diversity
This paper presents a system for providing reliable video communication over lossy packet networks, where the system is composed of two subsystems: (1) multiple state video encoder/decoder and (2) a path diversity transmission system. Expand
Scalable multiple description coding with side information using motion interpolation
This work proposes a scalable MDC architecture that creates an even and odd streams with residual information regarding the other stream that is a viable target for mobile communications and shows that this method can give 40% saving in bit rate when compared to a pixel based interpolation. Expand
A sequence-based error-concealment algorithm applied to a balanced MD video coder
This paper deals with sequence-based EC algorithm that performs the error-recovery by using the information coming from a certain number of frames in the future to minimize the effect of error propagation and targets a balanced MD coding system. Expand
Multiple description video coding for scalable and robust transmission over IP
This paper proposes two architectures for multiple description video coding, both of them are based on the motion compensation prediction loop, and uses a polyphase down-sampling technique to create the MDs and to introduce cross-redundancy among the descriptions. Expand
Multiple-description video coding through adaptive segmentation
This work introduces a unique approach to multiple description coding through the use of adaptive segmentation, which adapts to the local characteristics of the video and maximizes tradeoff efficiency. Expand
Error-Resilient Video Compression via Forecast of Error Concealment Modes Based on Multiple State Streams and Even-Odd Filed
This paper introduces the forecast of error concealment modes (FOECM) using in the error resilient coding scheme based on multiple state streams and even-odd field and presents three novelty algorithms: approximate parallel field projection (APFP) and rank edge line average (RELA) and bidirectional best neighborhood matching (BBNM). Expand
Adaptive multiple description video streaming over multiple channels with active probing
A transmission strategy for multiple description coded video which maintains the inherent error resiliency of the encoding in the case of transmission over bursty channels, through the analysis of feedback and through rate-distortion optimized channel probing. Expand


Error resilient video coding by dynamic replacing of reference pictures
The proposed error resilient video coding system, which dynamically replaces reference pictures in inter-frame coding according to the acknowledgement signals from the decoder, outperforms NACK signaling especially under the existence of the backward channel errors which are highly correlated with the forward channel errors. Expand
The EREC: an error-resilient technique for coding variable-length blocks of data
The error-resilient entropy code (EREC) is introduced as a method for adapting existing schemes to give increased resilience to random and burst errors while maintaining high compression. Expand
Extensions of ITU-T recommendation H.324 for error-resilient video transmission
The authors provide an overview of techniques that enable the use of ITU-T recommendation H.324 with error-prone transmission channels for robust video transmission and describes video extensions and multiplex schemes related to the H.263 video codec and H.223 multiplex. Expand
Error-resilient video coding in the ISO MPEG-4 standard
This article describes error resilience aspects of the video coding techniques that are standardized in the ISO MPEC-4 standard. It begins with a description of the general problems in robustExpand
Multiple description image coding for noisy channels by pairing transform coefficients
  • Yao Wang, M. Orchard, A. Reibman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of First Signal Processing Society Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
  • 1997
Experimental results show that this method can lead to satisfactory image reconstruction from any one description with a relatively small (20% for "lena") overhead over a standard JPEG coder. Expand
Error resilience support in H.263+
An overview of the error resilience optional modes of H.263+ is provided and the use of such modes in various multimedia network scenarios is described. Expand
Interframe balanced-multipledescription video compression,
  • Recovery of Frame 6 (Even Stream)
  • 1999
Error resilience support in H
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • 1998
International Organization for Standardization, MPEG Committee, Information Technology – Generic Coding of Audio-Visual Objects: Visual , Working Draft Version 2
  • International Organization for Standardization, MPEG Committee, Information Technology – Generic Coding of Audio-Visual Objects: Visual , Working Draft Version 2
  • 1998
Video coding for low bitrate communication
  • Itu-T
  • Computer Science
  • 1996