EROS: A Principle-Driven Operating System from the Ground Up

  title={EROS: A Principle-Driven Operating System from the Ground Up},
  author={Jonathan S. Shapiro and Norman Hardy},
  journal={IEEE Software},
0 7 4 0 7 4 5 9 / 0 2 / $ 1 7 . 0 0 © 2 0 0 2 I E E E Because active systems run user-supplied code, we cannot rely on boundary security to keep out hostile code. In the face of such code, EROS provides both security and performance guarantees (see for downloadable software). An application that executes hostile code (such as viruses) cannot harm other users or the system as a whole and cannot exploit a user’s authority so as to compromise other parts of the user’s environment… CONTINUE READING
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