ERK and the F-box protein betaTRCP target STAT1 for degradation.


The transcription factor STAT1 has roles in development, homeostasis, cellular differentiation, and apoptosis and has been postulated to function as a tumor suppressor. STAT1 is activated by tyrosine or serine phosphorylation in response to specific cytokines or following a variety of stress-induced stimuli. STAT1 activity is carefully regulated to prevent… (More)
DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M800384200


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@article{Soond2008ERKAT, title={ERK and the F-box protein betaTRCP target STAT1 for degradation.}, author={Surinder M. Soond and Paul Townsend and Se{\'a}n Pio Barry and Richard Austen Knight and D. S. Latchman and Anastasis Stephanou}, journal={The Journal of biological chemistry}, year={2008}, volume={283 23}, pages={16077-83} }