EPA-1025 - Integrative Psychotherapy Model of Anxiety Disorders

  title={EPA-1025 - Integrative Psychotherapy Model of Anxiety Disorders},
  author={B. Mykhaylov and O. Kudinova},
  journal={European Psychiatry},
  pages={1 - 1}
At the present time in Ukraine the special priority has the problem of anxiety and somatoform disorders. A prevalence of clinical anxiety and phenomena of somatization neurotic disturbances in general and necessity of differential diagnostics with somatic diseases were the precondition for studying this area. At the same time, in Ukrainethe diagnosis 'Vegetative-vascular dystonia' which is ciphered G 90.8, according to ICD-10 instead of 'Neurotic stress-induced and Somatoform disorders'F40-F48… Expand