EOG correction: a comparison of four methods.

  title={EOG correction: a comparison of four methods.},
  author={Rodney J. Croft and Jody S. Chandler and Robert J Barry and N. R. Cooper and Adam Clarke},
  volume={42 1},
EOG correction is a class of techniques that account for ocular artifact in the electroencephalogram (EEG) by subtracting electrooculographic data from the EEG. The purpose of this study was to evaluate four of these correction techniques (Verleger, Gasser, & Mocks, 1982 [VGM]; Gratton, Coles, & Donchin, 1983 [GCD]; Semlitsch, Presslich, Schuster, & Anderer, 1986 [SPSA]; Croft & Barry, 2000 [CB]). Blinks, vertical eye movements (VEM), and horizontal eye movements (HEM) from 26 subjects were… CONTINUE READING