ENSO signals in the vicinity of New Caledonia, South Western Pacific

  title={ENSO signals in the vicinity of New Caledonia, South Western Pacific},
  author={Thierry Delcroix and Olivier Lenormand},
Data collected in an area enclosing New Caledonia are analysed both for the open ocean (17OS-27OS, 16OoE-170"E; 1972-1992) and for one point in its lagoon (1967-1993), in order to improve our knowledge of the regional environment, with emphasis on seasonal and interannual (i,e. ENSO) variability. Long-term means and seasonal changes in surface wind, sea-surface temperature and salinity, and 0-400 ni temperature, salinity and zonal geostrophic current are first described to set the context… CONTINUE READING


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