ENGOnto: Integrated Multiple English Learning Ontology for Personalized Education


In order to improve the performance of learners and instructors for exploring Web resources to meet the requirement of individual's English language development, we raise an ontology, which we called ENGOnto, that integrates multiple relevant ontologies for personalized agents to deal with dynamic changes of learner's learning process, interaction between instructor and learner and learning resources in the environment of English language education. For this work, ENGOnto is a specification and description of the concepts and relationships in English language learning and teaching and it is the fundamental element which can facilitate to deliver information within agents and provide personalized services in PeRES which we have presented before. Moreover, we describe the process of generating dependency of knowledge points in the knowledge-point ontology and enable knowledge points forming a knowledge point network finally. ENGOnto can be used in the future for further research on personalized services provided by agents in PeRES such as personalized search, learning planning, learning activity sequencing, etc.

DOI: 10.1109/CSSE.2008.9

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