ENGL 308 Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory


ENGL 302 Twentieth-Century Irish Drama. Instr. R. Elliott. 10:00 MWF. After an opening glance at the Anglo-Irish comic tradition, this course will focus on plays written during and since the Irish Renaissance that flowered about 1900. We will discuss works by the major Abbey Theatre playwrights – W. B. Yeats, John Millington Synge, Lady Augusta Gregory, and Sean O’Casey – and link their writing to the tumultuous political and social events of 1900-1925. Expatriate Irish playwrights Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett will receive attention, and we will tip our cap to IrishAmerican playwright, Eugene O’Neill. In the latter part of the course, we will examine later twentieth-century plays by Brian Friel and Martin McDonagh among others, and consider some products of the resurgent Irish film industry. Two papers and a creative project will be required. There will be a final examination. This course fulfills the English 314 or equivalent requirement for the English major.

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