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ENGEL CURVES Entry for The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition

  title={ENGEL CURVES Entry for The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition},
  author={Arthur Lewbel},
An Engel curve describes how a consumer’s purchases of a good like food varies as the consumer’s total resources such as income or total expenditures vary. Engel curves may also depend on demographic variables and other consumer characteristics. A good’s Engel curve determines its income elasticity, and hence whether the good is an inferior, normal, or luxury good. Empirical Engel curves are close to linear for some goods, and highly nonlinear for others. Engel curves are used for equivalence… Expand
Mass Consumption, Exclusion and Unemployment
We introduce non-homothetic preferences into a general equilibrium model of monopolistic competition and explore the impact of income inequality on the medium-run macroeconomic equilibrium. We findExpand
Estimation of a complete system of nonlinear Engel curves: further evidence from Box–Cox Engel curves for Sri Lanka
The specification and estimation of Engle curves has drawn much attention over many years since the earliest attempt of Working (1943). Among the many approaches, a complete system of Engel curvesExpand
Engel ’ s Law Reconsidered Manisha Chakrabarty
How this statement should be interpreted? Clearly, it refers to income or total expenditure and budget shares for food (food share for short) f r different households in a given population at a givenExpand
Technology, Trade Costs and Export Sophistication
This paper uses a disaggregated version of the Eaton and Kortum (Econometrica, 70, 2002, 1741) model to analyse the relative importance of technology and trade costs for export sophistication andExpand
An econometrics method to estimate demand of sugar
Article history: Received June 20, 2011 Received in Revised form August, 16, 2011 Accepted 17 August 2011 Available online 25 August 2011 Sugar is one of the strategic goods in the basket ofExpand
The Review of Economics and Statistics
This paper shows that, consistent with a signaling-by-consuming model à la Veblen, income elasticities can be predicted from the visibility of consumer expenditures. We outline a stylized conspicuousExpand
Mass versus Exclusive Goods, and Formal-Sector Employment
We explore how the underemployment problem of less-developed economies is related to income inequality. Our crucial assumption is that consumers have non-homothetic preferences over differentiatedExpand
Tax reform and social welfare in Indonesia: an empirical investigation
The Indonesian tax system has undergone a series of reforms since 1983. Ongoing tax reforms will need to deal with the basic tax principles of equity and efficiency, in addition to revenue adequacy.Expand
Conspicuous Consumption and Expenditure Visibility: Measurement and Application∗
Individuals live in society, and many of their consumption decisions are observed by others. This may affect consumers’ behavior, as they both observe other consumers and are aware of being observedExpand
Intertemporal lifestyle changes and carbon emissions: Evidence from a China household survey
Abstract This paper examines the endogenous evolution of household consumption patterns and household carbon emissions (HCEs) by integrating the analysis methods of income distribution with climateExpand


Nonparametric Engel curves and revealed preference
This paper applies revealed preference theory to the nonparametric statistical analysis of consumer demand. Knowledge of expansion paths is shown to improve the power of nonparametric tests ofExpand
Household equivalence scales and welfare comparisons
Abstract The ratio of cost functions of different households facing the same prices and attaining the same utility level is a true cost of (demographic) characteristics index. This index isExpand
Nonlinear errors in variables Estimation of some Engel curves
Abstract The most common solution to the errors in variables problem for the linear regression model is the use of instrumental variable estimation. However, this methodology cannot be applied in theExpand
The Rank of Demand Systems: Theory and Nonparametric Estimation
W. M. Gorman's (1981) concept of Engel curve "rank" is extended to apply to any demand system. Rank is shown to have implications for specification, separability, and aggregation of demands. A simpleExpand
Analysis of the Standard of Living in the District of Columbia in 1916
At the close of the year 1916, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collected over two thousand budgets of families living in the District of Columbia showing details of expenditures for the calendarExpand
Cross section Engel curves over time
Methods for nonparametric estimation and comparison of cross section Engel curves are presented and applied to U.K. expenditure data. Real Engel curves (with quantity demanded and real totalExpand
The Mathematical Theory of Political Economy
AbstractTHE appearance of a new and enlarged edition affords us a wished-for opportunity of calling attention to this original work. Its author is one of the favoured few to whom belongs the honourExpand
Nonparametric bootstrap analysis with applications to demographic effects in demand functions.
  • P. Gozalo
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Journal of econometrics
  • 1997
"A new bootstrap proposal, labeled smooth conditional moment (SCM) bootstrap, is introduced for independent but not necessarily identically distributed data, where the classical bootstrap procedureExpand
Specification of household expenditure functions and equivalence scales by nonparametric regression
This paper demonstrates the usefulness of nonparametric regression analysis for functional specification of household expenditure functions and equivalence scales without restricting' the class ofExpand
Semiparametric Estimates and Test of Base-Independent Equiv-alence Scales
A seal clearance is automatically maintained between the mating ends of two ducts the minor one of which is held at a steady temperature by a hot fluid flowing through it. The clearance between theExpand