EMG power spectrum of elbow extensors: a reliability study.

  title={EMG power spectrum of elbow extensors: a reliability study.},
  author={Martin Bilodeau and A. Bertrand Arsenault and D. Gravel and Daniel Bourbonnais},
  journal={Electromyography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={34 3},
In order to be considered a potential tool for the characterization of muscle activity, the reliability of EMG power spectral analysis should be demonstrated. In this study, the reliability of the mean power frequency (MPF) and of the median frequency (MF) of power spectra (triceps brachii (TB), anconeus (AN)) obtained at different force levels from both ramp and stepwise isometric contractions was tested across three similar sessions performed on three different days (N = 9). Two-way ANOVAs… CONTINUE READING
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