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EMB시스템을 위한 새로운 클램핑력 추정기 설계 및 구현

  title={EMB시스템을 위한 새로운 클램핑력 추정기 설계 및 구현},
  author={최진영 and 기영훈 and 전재한 and 이상목 and 안현식},
In this paper, a new type of a clamping force estimation algorithm is proposed which utilizes a special polynomial series for the modeling of hysteresis loops during the clamping and the releasing in the Electromechanical Brake system. The proposed estimation algorithm is implemented on the wheel ECU which is designed based on the Infineon TC1797. A cascade type of control architecture is used for the EMB actuator controller and control gains of each controller are selected for the fast and… Expand


차량용 전자제어기 소프트웨어플랫폼 개발
A useful software platform (SWP) and a development environment for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) are designed. The designed SWP has theExpand