• Jasper van der Graaff, Frank LeferinklJ
  • Published 2009


Reliable EMC predictions are very important in the design of a naval platform's topside. Currently EMC predictions of a Navy ship are verified by scale model and full-scale measurements. In the near future, the validation of software tools leads to an increase in the confidence in EMC predictions and (hopefully) removes the need for scale model measurements. In general, fullscale verification measurements will remain necessary although perhaps the number of measurements will be reduced. This paper presents our topside design experience, from rough estimations 40 years ago, to analytical calculations and model measurements 20 years ago, to the numerically supported process as it is now. It shows the process of validating simulation tools with model and full-scale measurements. It also describes the challenges encountered and the deficiencies of commercial tools used now and the roadmap for Thales Naval Netherlands towards integrated tools of the hture. Thales Naval Netherlands Thales Naval Netherlands R V , , formerly Hollandse Signaalapparaten B.V. established in 1922, creates hightech defence solutions for naval environments. We combine our extensive and long experience with an ongoing search for new techniques and possibilities. Modern and highly capable sensor suites, together with our combat management system, equip new generations of frigates, corvettes and fast attack craR throughout the world. Thales Naval Netherlands 3.V. has been involved in ship topside design for more than 40 years. In those years numerous programmes have been completed for countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia. 'University of Twente Enschede, The Netherlands Frank.Leferink@utwente.nl

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