EIT spectroscopy of high-lying Rydberg states in $^{39}K$

  title={EIT spectroscopy of high-lying Rydberg states in \$^\{39\}K\$},
  author={Yuqi Zhu and Supriya Ghosh and Sydney B. Cahn and M. J. Jewell and Danielle Speller and Reina H. Maruyama},
We present a study of the Rydberg spectrum in K for nS and nD3/2 series connected to 5 P1/2 using two-photon spectroscopy based on EIT in a heated vapor cell. We observed some 80 transitions from 5P1/2 to Rydberg states with principal quantum numbers n ∼ 50 − 90, and determined their transition frequencies and state energies with sub-GHz precision. Our spectroscopy results lay the groundwork for using Rydberg atoms as sensitive microwave photon detectors in searches for dark matter axions in… 

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