[EEG synchronization index spectrum: definition, calculation and the changes related to visual selective response].


OBJECTIVE EEG synchronization is usually estimated in terms of coherence amplitude, but the estimation is with apparent uncertainty because of the poor resolution both in time and frequency. The purpose of this work is to surmount this problem. METHOD A new definition of EEG synchronization index spectrum [SynI(f)] was developed basing on the distribution characteristics of EEG coherence phase which was calculated by a tested algorithm with 1 s and 1 Hz resolution. The basic feature and its changes during visual selective responses were calculated in 25 normal subjects. EEG signals were recorded from 9 locations in two conditions: looking at the central LED only(VC) and making switch response to the target LED flash signals (T) differentially (DR): switch to left or right for Ts from left (LVF) or right (RVF) visual field, repectively but making no response to the non-target ones (NT). RESULT (1) The frequency dependency of SynI varied with brain location, e.g., SynI was higher in alpha range than others at frontal locations but the situation reversed at posterior locations. (2) The SynIs between midline and right brain locations were higher than that between mid line and left ones. (3) As compared with VC, SynI was increased in DR condition at central and posterior brain locations but not frontal ones, it happened mainly in 7-23 Hz at central locations but in 1-4 Hz at posterior ones. (4) The augmentation of SynI in DR was greater for T than for NT signals. CONCLUSION The results indicated that the SynI(f) was meaningful for studying the frequency-spatial feature of EEG synchronization change among brain locations related to cognitive activities.

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