EEG in Sarcoidosis Patients Without Neurological Findings.

  title={EEG in Sarcoidosis Patients Without Neurological Findings.},
  author={{\"O}zg{\"u}r Bilgin Topçuoğlu and Murat Kavas and Selahattin {\"O}ztaş and Sibel Arınç and G{\"u}lg{\"u}n Çetintaş Afşar and Sema Sarac and Ipek Midi},
  journal={Clinical EEG and neuroscience},
  volume={48 1},
Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease affecting nervous system in 5% to 10% of patients. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is accepted as the most sensitive method for detecting neurosarcoidosis. However, the most common findings in MRI are the nonspecific white matter lesions, which may be unrelated to sarcoidosis and can occur because of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking, and other inflammatory or infectious disorders, as well. Autopsy studies report more frequent… CONTINUE READING
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